Points to Consider While Buying Ducted Air Conditioners

Points to consider while buying a ducted air conditioner:

First of all see energy rating label on the system. Generally, this rating label has stars between 1 to 6. The output of these systems varies by the rating labels. These labels identify the energy efficiency of the systems. The more the stars the more system is efficient.
You should also look for programmable thermostats. They are the temperature controllers. You can turn the system on or off according to the need and requirement. Some systems have internal thermostats and some have separate thermostats, so if you are buying a system with outer thermostat, then place it in dry place and not near the grille.

Ducted system should be insulated properly; a poorly insulated system will not give desired results. So, look if the joints and seals are properly sealed or not. You can hire insulators to insulate systems for your home.

So, this way you can buy a proper air conditioner for your home to enjoy warm environment inside your home in winters and cool in summers.



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The History and Impact of Air Conditioning in Brisbane

In our sub-tropical climate here in Brisbane, it is hard to imagine life without air conditioning. However, there really was life before air conditioning and refrigeration, a life that existed well into the 20th century. Air conditioners and refrigeration had as large of an impact on people’s lives as just about anything invented up to that point. It changed the way we shop and store food, where we live, work and play and even caused the near extinction of the delivery milkman. From the design of homes and buildings to the migration of people to warmer climates, air conditioning (A/C) has played a major role in our lives. So let’s take a look at how this incredible, life enhancing invention came about:

Benjamin Franklin and Professor John Hadley from Cambridge University discovered that alcohol evaporates faster than water and that this process can cool an object enough to cause water to freeze.


Inventor Michael Faraday of England discovered the same thing when he compressed and liquefied ammonia.


Dr. John Gorrie built a machine that used compression to produce buckets of ice which then had air blown over them. In 1851, he patented the idea but lacked the financial backing to take it to market.


Naval engineers built a makeshift cooling system to comfort U.S. President James Garfield after he was shot by an assassin. A box was filled with cloth that had been soaked in water and a fan blew hot air overhead to keep the cool air closer to the ground. Amazingly, this device lowered the room temperature as much as -5.5°C. Unfortunately, it consumed 250,000 pounds of ice per month to operate.


Willis Carrier, who is widely considered the inventor of modern air conditioning, invented what he called the “Apparatus for Treating Air” which was installed in a lithographing and publishing company in Brooklyn, N.Y. The machine blew air across cold coils which controlled room temperature as well as humidity. The Carrier Air Conditioning Company was established after learning that many other factories would pay for this service.


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All You Need to Know While Exchanging Your Current AC System With HVAC

With new air conditioning products flooding the market, there are many people who want to change their existing air conditioning systems with the latest technologies. Many people want to know whether they can exchange their existing ducted air conditioners with a new ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system, also known as HVAC.

Many people enquire about switching their existing AC system with new HVAC system by using the same existing ducts and outlets. However, unfortunately the answer is a simple ‘no’. There are many reasons as to why an existing ducted AC system cannot be simply switched to become a reverse cycle AC system.

The first and foremost reason is that the reverse cycle system’s outlets are placed near windows and usually away from the doors. This arrangement is made so that the air condition can heat or cold the air that comes in through the windows.

The airflow for a reverse cycle air conditioning system needs the longest route. It needs a route back from the outlet to the return air frame. If the outlet is placed next to the door, then air would be sucked back beneath the door and will be circulated towards the return air grille. The result would be that the room will have hot spots near the window area.

The biggest trouble with these evaporative grilles is that they are generally located at the doorways. However, it is necessary that their units’ airflow takes the longest possible route through a room and then out of the window for effective results. When placed right next to a window, the air simply flows out of the window and the area near the doorway, window and the far side of room develops hot spots.

It is not advisable to place reverse cycle AC system’s grilles in the same spot or near the spot where the ducted AC’s grille was previously situated. It is not impossible to swap your current AC system with HVAC system with same duct lines and units, but it will severely affect the effectiveness and quality of the air conditioning system.

The best option will be to start from scratch and put the new reverse AC’s grilles in the apt location, where it will work the best. However, this would also mean extra work, apart from installation work. You may need to paint and patch up the holes and dents in the ceiling after the removal of your old AC’s grilles. Therefore, this change means extra cost! For any help on Heating Brisbane, check out the info available online at www.enercomindustries.com.au; these will help you learn to find the Air Conditioning Brisbane!

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Pros and cons with the Ducted Air Conditioning

With ducted air conditioning models, local climate manage is on the reach for of your button. Cozy warmth all throughout winter weather conditions and refreshing cool ventilation whilst within the warm climate are easily attained. These forms of Ac methods are best for a number of space functions and can incorporate zone selection if expected, which means if only a sure portion of the making or even the room is usually to be heated or cooled, this could definitely be accomplished through the ducted air conditioning items


Benefits and Drawbacks of a Ducted Air Conditioning
You can find basically 3 kinds of ducted air-con and these are the Traditional Ducted air conditioning, Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning as well as the Electronic Scroll Air Conditioning. Every 1 of those programs of AC have their distinctive beneficial and undesirable points plus they generally vary in electrical ability effectiveness, the noiseless of operating and convenience of decreasing the compressor. Having said that, being a whole these units enhance your living natural environment.

The three varieties of ducted Air-con models hold the constructive facets more down:

Enormous assortment: 20 unique methods are readily available which include Inverters, Digital Scroll and High quality methods from 7 to 27 kW cooling ability. Models are offered in equally sole and three phase. Variations appear in the two equally solitary and three cycle. The merchandise array indicates there exists a ducted alternative for each and each and every dimension and elegance of residence.

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